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JAHA: reimagined for a family audience! This is the year to experience FUSION!

Les Productions FUSION has been bringing their popular show to Casino NB since 2011 and the team is extremely excited to introduce an all ages show at the Moncton Wesleyan Celebration Centre on October 5th followed by a show in Edmundston on October 19th and a third one in Fredericton on October 26th. 

We’ve been hearing for years from our guests that FUSION would be the perfect show for a younger audience but having it at the Casino wasn’t ideal to pursue that idea. With that in mind, the team has opted to offer a more accessible show this fall with their latest production JAHA and work on a new show for fall of 2020, which will return to Casino NB.

“This is a big strategic change for us to not create a new show this year but we want to get more out of one production and have the ability to increase our audiences. Having an all ages show in Moncton is the perfect strategy for us and we sincerely hope that people will support us.” explains Matt LeBlanc the founding director and producer of the show. 

The FUSION team is offering different ticket options as well to make sure that everyone can experience the show. Tickets for children under 12 are only $25 and the highest ticket price is $45 for the best seats with other seats at $30 and $40 giving you many options. This is great value for a professional show of this magnitude that is over 2 hours long.

The increasingly popular FUSION show has had eleven consecutive sold-out events since inception with almost 10,000 people enjoying their creative productions. These unique productions showcase amazing local talents who excel in a variety of artistic disciplines. JAHA has a cast of about 75 local creative artists making this concept so unique. 

The story is developed and told through a series of videos and artistic expression such as dance, singing, gymnastics, live music, acrobatics and other live performances. It's very colourful and entertaining! 


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