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FUSION events are built on boundless creativity. For founder and executive director Matt LeBlanc, every new business opportunity he takes on —whether it is a show, launching a charitable foundation, or teaching kids about art — how it will challenge him creatively is at the core of his thinking. If it isn’t challenging him, and he's not stepping out of the box, it’s not enough.

Les Productions FUSION Productions’ vision is to “think outside the canvas” by engaging the imagination with creativity, delight all the senses, and stir the emotions of people attending our shows.

Since the first show in 2011, visual artist and entrepreneur Matt LeBlanc has created and developed eight unique productions, which was presented during fifteen events in front of over 20,000 guests in six different cities across the Maritimes. The FUSION team has worked tirelessly at building the productions to where it is today and have big plans to expand outside the region in Québec in 2024 and eventually in Ontario.

Artists and arts organizations are an important resource on our path to building stronger connections and stronger communities. We believe the arts and our events are a way to engage our communities and make them stronger as a whole.

Events produced by Les Productions FUSION are having a significant impact in the community where it’s taken place and beyond. The FUSION shows have been seen by over 15,000 people since inception and raised over $200,000 for various charities. More than 750 local artists such as dancers, singers, musicians, acrobats, gymnasts, tumblers and many more have participated in our shows since 2011.

Each show employs a variety of professionals (choreographers, lighting technicians, sound technicians, costume designers, makeup artists, carpenters, etc.) Guests at the shows have come as far as New York City and we consistently see people from other Maritime provinces travelling to the event, which is great for our local economy.

The average age of our artists is 17 years and most of them say they will remember this experience for the rest of their lives. FUSION offers hundreds of hours of free training and practice in their field of performance.

As Fusion moves into new markets, young talented performers will be sought out through partnerships with schools, dance academies, cultural centers, etc. FUSION is becoming an artistic backdrop for a multitude of performances.