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Over the years, I’ve found partners that shared the same vision to make my productions bigger and bolder. It wasn’t easy to let go of total control, but when I did, I realized how far I could take the FUSION Productions concept. The biggest hurdle for me has been to trust others with my baby — but I’m so glad I did! I can feel just how big my productions are becoming simply by looking at the variety and scope of expertise the people I work with leading up to the next show bring to the stage. The core team is listed below, but I work with other talented people like sketch artists and animators that play a big role even if they are not part of the core team. When the show hits the stage, more than 75 people have worked directly or indirectly on or in the production. It’s such a great feeling to see this, considering I did everything myself for the first show in 2011! - Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc has risen from virtual anonymity in his home province of New Brunswick, to become one of the most popular artists in eastern Canada and beyond. His unique blend of art and commerce has allowed LeBlanc to sell over 4,000 paintings in more than 20 countries since 2007.

His work has been featured in home decor magazines, blogs and on television shows airing on HGTV Canada. Matt’s ability to design a unique piece of art based on his client’s current décor has been a big asset in developing his strong brand as an artist. His hard work and innovate approach to business was recognized when he received an Excellence in Innovation award from the Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce. You can view some of his art HERE


After finishing a degree in Business Administration as well as a Law degree, Janique had no choice but to follow her passion for dance and share it with the people around her. In addition to being co-founder and owner of CHAOS, she has been a teacher-choreographer for the Virtuose competitive dance crew at the Université de Moncton since 2003.  Throughout the years, she was able to help her crews reach an competitive level and the many awards they’ve collected since 2003 are a good testimony to her dedication and hard work.

Cathy started dancing early in life and began teaching when she was just 16 years old. She has danced in carnivals in Singapore, France and Italy. A dance teacher at Chaos since 2012, Cathy was the main choreographer for the recent Congrès mondial Acadien and has taught dance classes in Montréal. Over the years, she has perfected her skills by dancing in Los Angeles, taking classes with the industry best dancers. 

Since 2009, Ariane has been dancing with Danse Chaos Dance in Moncton, NB and has been part of the competitive crews from the start. Since 2016, Ariane has been teaching competitive dancers of several levels. Her dedication was awarded by the dance school with special mentions including “Most involved” in 2016 and “Role model” in 2017. Part of the Fusion team on stage as a dancer for multiple years including Tukko I & II, she can now put her passion backstage to help bring the show together.

Tyler Andrew is a multi-disciplinary visual designer and entertainment technician from the greater Moncton area. Specializing in lighting and video design, Tyler loves crafting rich visual experiences. He is excited to be back working in theatre after focusing on live events and television for the past few years. Pulling from various disciplines of lighting design, he combines different techniques in unconventional and unique ways. He is always looking to find new and exciting methods to bring his designs to life and hopes you enjoy the experience.

Known to many as “Shania Fillmore” of YTV’s THE NEXT STAR SEASON 4 and THE NEXT STAR: SUPERGROUP, this small-town girl from New Brunswick, Canada, loves the arts!

Settled back in her hometown, Shania Scichilone has spent her time as Musical Director for Les Productions Fusions during show season, and the rest of her time has been filled with writing. Her debut novel, A FATE OF SMOKE AND ASH, begins her new career as an author.
Music, acting, reading, and writing are what she lives and breathes. The art world is her truest passion.

Steve Rousselle is a visual artist, public artist, graphic designer and business owner. For the past twelve years, his work has touched many people from Edmundston, Moncton, Montreal, Las Vegas to San Antonio.

Steve is also very involved in his community with different public art projects. If by any chance you’ve met Steve, you’ve definitely noticed how passionate, patient, meticulous, generous and devoted he is with his work. He also shares his passion by inspiring others that surround him and appreciates collaborating with other artists.

In 2014, he received his status as a professional artist with AAPANB (Acadian Association for Professional Artist of New Brunswick) which gives him the ability to share his passion in workshops and inspire students in the north-west region of New Brunswick school district.

Isabelle Dionne founded the dance studio Zenith in 2010. Since that day, Zenith has trained several hundred dancers in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop.

The competitive crews of Zenith always stand out in several regional and national competitions in various dance styles. During several events Isabelle's choreographies earned several awards and honorable mentions from the jury for their extraordinary character and high energy performance.

A lawyer by trade, Isabelle is passionate about dance and combines the management of the Zenith, the teaching of dance and her career as a lawyer.

A Community Development & Social Inclusion Coordinator for the Southeast Regional Service Commission by day, she is a yogi and hip hop/salsa dancer by night.

In Eastern Canada, she has competed 12 years with Virtuose crew, two years with Five-O’ six crew, a year with !nfluenc3 crew and a few more with Chaot!c. 
As much as she loves performing, she also loves working behind the scenes. Christine has been on the Fusion Team since 2017 for the Tuuko II, JAHA and JAHA family shows in Moncton and Fredericton. She is a natural leader and motivator who loves detail and ensures a pleasant atmosphere with the team and the artists, and that is why we appreciate her contagious energy so much!

Colleen has been dedicated to cheerleading for over 20 years and coaching since 2001. As a USASF certified Level 5 coach, Cheer NB President, and 3 time NCA All American Cheerleader, several provincial and national championships - it's safe to say she is passionate for this sport.

Colleen feels her greatest accomplishments are the life-long relationships made with the athletes and coaches along the way. This includes the relationship and partnership with the Fusion family and the excitement of the future growth of this amazing organization.

Since 2006, Christopher has produced TV ads, music videos and promotions for some of the east coast’s best-known musicians, artists, models and many corporate clients.

Chris has been on the Fusion team since the beginning. He's responsible for all the videos and animations seen before and during the show. He's also very involved in the creative process of developing new shows.